Blog Action Day 2010: The topic is water, the time to get involved is now

by Terry B on October 13, 2010

This Friday, thousands of bloggers around the world will talk about water from their own perspectives. Water is shaping up to be the next big global issue, encompassing human rights, animal rights, the environment and more. Get involved. Write. Read. Comment. Act.

Water. Most of us take it for granted because we have the luxury of doing so. At least for now. But almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water—that’s about one in eight of us. And as a result, 42,000 of us die every week. Even where water is plentiful, the ways that it is used and misused have consequences for everyone.

On Friday, October 15, Blog Action Day wants to get the whole planet talking and thinking about water. If you write a blog, visit the Blog Action Day website and sign up to write about water from your blog’s perspective. If you have blogger friends, encourage them to get involved. You can also sign a petition on the site to support the UN’s efforts to bring clean, safe water to millions globally and find ways to raise funds build wells in developing countries.

Then take part in the conversation on Friday, as a writer or a reader and commenter. And be sure to stop by here again, where you’ll find a post on the topic. See you Friday.

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Jim Ellis October 14, 2010 at 2:49 am

GREAT Blog!! LOVE the recipes!!
I saw that you are participating in Blog Action Day. I thought you might be interested in our press release about a brand new water treatment technology.

There are regions in the world where the mineral content of ground water is so high that it is impossible to get non-contaminated water from a well or borehole. For the first time ever a technology is available that can provide communities in these regions with fresh clean drinking water. Here’s the link to the release:
You can also check us out on Facebook at Protector Systems!!
Have a great day!
[email protected]

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