Love apples? No green thumb? Rent a tree

by Terry B on January 12, 2011


Urban gardening is all the rage these days. So is urban farming. I think the difference between the two is that urban farming legally requires chickens or bees, but I could be wrong. But as cool as it all sounds (people in Brooklyn do it!), I’m just not cut out to be an urban farmer. I don’t have the yard space, the green thumb or the bib overalls for it. Well, or the inclination, for that matter.

For people like me, there are places like Earth First Farms. They’ll rent you an apple tree in their orchard, do all the work and ship you the fruits of their labor. The Southwest Michigan-based Earth First Farms is just one of a number of farms and orchards now leasing trees to armchair farmers. And apple trees aren’t all that some of them rent out. Rent Mother Nature in New Hampshire leases a variety of fruit and nut trees as well as bee hives, cows and goats (for cheese), sheep (for blankets) and more.

If you’re interested in renting your own apple tree—or your own goat—you’ll find the full story plus links on my latest post on the USA Character Approved Blog. Do it now, though. Tree leases for 2011 are going fast.


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